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Where I'm Starting

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Jordan Hall
·Oct 3, 2021·

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Hello World!

Hey everyone, I'm Oighty. I'm new to Solidity and Web3 development on Ethereum, but I'm getting the hang it of it somewhat quickly. I will be writing this blog documenting my journey of learning, building, and looking for (as well as hopefully finding) work in the Web3 ecosystem.

What am I doing?

I recently left a my job in software development sales. I wanted to get back on the technical side of the house (doing development) and combine that with my interest in how Web3 applications and blockchains are transforming how we think about technology. I plan to give this a go full-time for the next 90 days to see if it's a good fit for me. I was partially inspired to take this step after reading Nat Eliason's article on High Speed Career Sampling (in which he also made a pivot to Web3).

I'm going to document the journey and build in public to help others who may be considering a similar change or are interested in learning more about the industry.

Where am I starting from?

I am not starting this journey from scratch. I have gone through all or part of a few different Solidity and Web3 Javascript courses and built a couple simple apps. I've been exploring the crypto space in general for about a year.

I have a pretty good foundation in general software development. I have experience building an ETL library and data processing pipelines in Python, React frontends (mostly for data rich applications), other small-scale SPAs, server-side scripting, and database design/development.

My educational background is a Math BS with some courses completed towards a Computer Science MS.

Therefore, I expect that my experience will be more useful to those with an existing development background versus someone starting brand new.

What to expect

On this blog, I will share what my daily goals/results, share samples of what I worked on, and document what I learn. Along the way, I'll likely also provide reviews of different courses, useful resources that have helped me, and point out pitfalls to avoid.

Initial work

Here is an investment analysis app that I built for the Crypto Raiders community recently. I really like this project and will continue to build/participate...more to come!

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